Agriculture is the main sector of the economy in the district, which is about 67% of the geographical area, fit for cultivation and is responsible for providing livelihood to nearly 71% of the population. District comes under three Agro Climatic Zones viz., Northern Dry Zone (Zone No. 3), Northern Transitional Zone (Zone 8), and Hilly Zone (Zone No. 9). The district is blessed with the flow of eight prominent rivers, namely, Krishna, Malaprabha and Ghataprabha while sub-rivers Markandeya, Hiranyakeshi, Mahadayi, Vedaganga and Doodhaganga also flow through the district. Naviluteertha Dam is constructed in Savadatti taluk across the Malaprabha river and Hidkal dam in Gokak taluk across Ghataprabha river. The gross cultivable area is about 9.9 lakh ha out of total geographical area of 13.44 lakh ha.