Belagavi district represents three agro-climatic zones namely, Hilly zone ( Zone 9), Northen Transitional Zone (Zone 8) and Northern Dry Zone(Zone 3). Hilly zone  represented by Khanapur taluk. Northern Transitional zone represented by Bailhongal, Chikkodi, Hukkeri and Belagavi taluks.  Northern Dry zone represented by Athani, Raibag, Gokak, Ramdurg and Savadatti taluks. Hence, there is vast difference between the taluks, in terms of rainfall (Avg. of 2006 to 2016), crops grown and even soil types and features. In general, Hilly zone has unimodal heavy rainfall Avg. 2468 mm annual rainfall. The major soil type of the zone is lateritic or red sandy soils typically suitable for drill sown paddy cultivation. The Northern Transitional zone has red sandy/ loamy soils with bimodal rainfall of about Avg. 550-1025 mm typically suitable for double cropping under rainfed situations. Northern Dry zone has characteristic unimodal low rainfall of about 278-441 mm rainfall with red loamy/ medium black soils suitable for single cropping. The mean maximum temperatures ranges from 40-42oC during summer and moderate 30-32oC during other months is characteristic feature of dry zone, where as in other two zones, neither  minimum nor maximum temperatures pose threat to crop production. Low temperatures can touch even 13-15oC for brief period during winter.

Description of Agro-climatic Zone

Sl. No.

Agro-climatic Zone Characteristics

(As per avg. rainfall of 2006 to 2016)


Region II and Zone III

(Northern Dry Zone)

It includes Gokak, Athani, Raibag, Ramadurg and Savadatti taluks. This area comes under arid to semi arid region. Temperature of this area is moderate to hot and rainfall is unevenly distributed. The average rainfall is 278-441 mm per annum. Between June – August, 80 percent of the rainfall is received during and remaining 20 percent  in September-November.


Region IV and Zone VIII

(Northern Transitional Zone)

It includes four taluks of namely Belagavi, Chikodi, Hukkeri and Bailhongal. Rainfall of the area ranges from 550 – 1025 mm and 60 percent of rainfall is received during pre monsoon and    monsoon season.


Region IV and Zone IX

(Hilly Zone)

It includes only Khanapur taluk. Average annual rainfall of this area is 2468 mm and 75 percent rain is received during May – September.

Agro ecological situation

 Sl. No. Northern Dry-Zone III Characteristics
Major crops Intercropping Location







Soil : Deep black, Medium black and Red sandy and Red loam and shallow black

Rain fall: 278-441 mm

Rainy day: 43 days

Temp: Max 39.50 C,  Min 150C





Relative Humidity: 35-70%

Source of Irrigation: Canal (Malaprabha&Ghataprabha), River Krishna,  Open wells and Bore wells


Maize, Soybean, Groundnut, Sugarcane and Bt. Cotton, Mulberry, Cole crops, Turmeric, Tomato





Kharif :Rainfed

Jowar, Green gram, Horsegram, Pigeon pea, Soybean, Groundnut, Sunflower, Bt. Cotton, Onion, Chilli,

Rabi :  Rabi – Jowar, Wheat, Dicocum wheat, Bengal gram and Safflower

Rabi/Summer: Irrigated Sugarcane and Groundnut, Onion, Chilli, Brinjal, Tomato, Grapes, Banana



















Wheat + Safflower  Safflower + Bengal gram


Athani, Raibag, Gokak,

Ramadurga and

Savadatti taluks

Northern Transition Zone-VIII











Soil : Medium to deep black soils, light red and shallow soils

Rainfall : 550 – 1025 mm occurs during pre monsoon to monsoon season

Rainy days : 56 days

Temp: Max 39.50 C, Min 140C

Relative Humidity: 69-90%

Source of irrigation: Open wells and Bore wells

Kharif  irrigated

Maize, Sugarcane, Soybean, Paddy, Jowar, Groundnut,  Bt. Cotton, Mulberry, Chilli, Potato, Peas, Onion, Tomato, Brinjal, Capsicum, Beans, Gourds, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Knolkol and leafy vegetables


Rabi Jowar, Wheat, Bengal gram. Sunflower and Coriander

Rabi irrigated

Sugarcane, Dicocum wheat, Groundnut,

Maize + Cowpea

Sugarcane + Chilli/ Capsicum/ Tomato/ Onion/ Leafy Vegetables








Green Peas + Rabi Jowar,

Rabi Jowar + Bengal gram




Chikkodi and Hukkeri taluks


Hilly Zone-IX







Soil : Red loamy and Laterite soils

Rainfall: 2468 mm

Rainy days: 90 days

Temp: Max 29.50 C, Min140C

Relative Humidity:80-90%

Source of irrigation:

Open wells and Bore wells

Kharif :  Paddy, Sugarcane and Sweet potato

Rabi:  Sugarcane,  Pulses, Maize and Chilli



Horticulture Crops

Gourds, Tomato, Chilli and Capsicum

Paddy + Mustard/ Lentil Khanapur taluk