Agricultural profile: Belagavi is situated in the Northwest part of the state and lies between 15-23’ to 16-28’ North latitude and 74-05’ to 75-28’ East longitude at an average altitude of around 575 M above MSL, although the physiographic formations include hilly tracts in two taluks and plain tract in all other taluks. Climate in Belagavi district shares the wider climatic pattern. It is a tropical monsoon climate. There are four seasons viz., (a) For wet months of June, July, August and September, when the district encounters strong winds, high humidity and heavy showers, (b) Two warm and damp months of October and November when the Southwest monsoons retreat, (c) Three cool months of December, January and February when generally dry conditions prevail, and (d) Three hot months of March, April and May when temperature rises up to 30oC. The district pre-monsoon receives rainfall during summer season as well. The annual average rainfall is about 808 mms. The rainfall increases considerably towards the interior of the district when the western face of the ghats obstructs the monsoons. The rainy season commences in May and ends in October, precipitation being the heaviest in July. Many parts of the district may not receive adequate rainfall.