Frontline demonstration is the concept of field demonstration. The field demonstrations conducted under the closed supervision of Scientists of the national agriculture research system is called frontline demonstration because the technologies are demonstrated for the first time by the Scientists themselves before being fed into the main extension system of the state department of agriculture. KVKs conduct frontline demonstrations only on those technologies suited to their micro location as proved by their own assessment and refinement through OFTs. They can conduct FLD on any technology assessed and refined and found undoubtedly suitable by any other agency involved in developing technologies for regions/ agro climatic zones that include or are similar to the KVK micro location.


     The main objective of FLD is to demonstrate newly released varieties, crop production and protection technologies in the farmer’s fields under different agro-climatic regions and farming situations. While demonstrating the technologies in the farmers fields the Scientists are required to study the factors contributing towards higher crop production, field constraints of the production and their by generate production data and feedback information. Frontline demonstrations are conducted in a block of two or four hectares land in order to have better impact of the demonstrated technologies of the farmers and field level extension functionaries.

Rabi Jowar
Foxtail millet
IDM in Cattle
Anestrous management in cattle
Supplementation of Bypass fat