The entire KVK instructional farm is spread over in an area of 25.4 ha of land. To educate farmer on different production systems viz., models of orchards in rainfed situations is demonstrated to get high and sustainable returns. The other demo units at KVK instructional farm are like vermicomposting unit, dairy unit, goat unit, azolla  unit, nutrition garden, fish pond, mother orchard block, dry land horticulture systems, nursery unit, fodder, agro-forestry unit, automatic fertigation unit, mega farm pond, shade house, poly houses, bore well and centralized irrigation water system,  seed production block and commercial flower production unit. All these facilities are established based on the training needs of the farmers from time to time.


i.Horticulture plant propagation unit

     The horticulture plant propagation unit was established to meet alarming demand of planting material of mango, sapota, drum stick, guava, cashew etc. by farmers.

Sl. No. Name No of Plants
1. Mango











Alphanso 83
Pairi 09
Ratna 09
Kesar 09
Neelam 09
Kent 04
Lilly 05
Konkan Ruchi 04
Mallika 10
Maya 04
Total 148
2. Sapota
  Cricket Ball 24
Kalipatti 24
DHS-1 24
DHS-2 24
Total 96
3. Guava
  Lucknow-49 70
Lalit 40
Total 110
4. Areca nut
  Mohitnagar 10
Mangala 10
Areca nut dwarf hybrid 20
Total 40